4 simple steps when hiring our corporate pickups

March 18 2019

Enjoy peace of mind when you engage us for your corporate pickups by understanding these simple steps to get guests from point A to point B smoothly.

By Gojalanjalan Singapore

Transit area at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Photo: Khalil Adis Consultancy.

It is that time of the year again where everyone would gather for your annual company conference or event.

CEOs and top executives from all over the world are flying in via Changi Airport for that very important headquarter meeting in Singapore.

Powerpoint presentations are being rushed and KPIs need to be met en route to the destination.

On the other hand, you are worried wondering if those overseas guests ever made it past the arrival gate for the pick up that you had arranged at 9 am

Stay cool, calm and collected.

These are the four simple steps to follow for a smooth journey when engaging us:

Step 1: Designate a single point of company contact

A traveller at Changi Airport. A single point of contact will ensure guests are not left stranded. Photo: Khalil Adis Consultancy.

This is the first but crucial step that will ensure our staff can keep you updated on the status of your corporate pickups.

Upon making your booking, we will ask for basic information such as the full name of the guests, date, time, name and contact number of the company representative.

Do update us if there are any delays or changes to the itinerary at least one day before the scheduled pick-up.

Step 2: Meet and greet

Meet and greet area at Changi Airport. Photo: Gojalanjalan.

Do inform us should you require a meet and greet service.

Once a contact has been established, we will then proceed with the meet and greet at the airport at the agreed time and date.

Do note that there might be delays due to flight changes, hold-ups at the customs, guests not having the appropriate visa, unsure where to go, delayed luggage and so on.

Don’t worry. We will wait for the arranged pick up in case of such delays. However, you will be charged for the additional hour. The fee varies according to the type of vehicle booked.

Step 3: Pick up

At the airport to pick up our clients. Photo: Gojalajalan.

Once your guests have cleared the immigration and walked out of the arrival hall, we will then welcome them with a signboard bearing the guests’ names.

We will then escort them to the waiting vehicle and within an air-conditioned environment.

Do provide a representative from the company to be on site for non-English speaking guests.

Don’t worry. We will update you that your guests are on their way.

Step 4: Arrive safely at the destination

The lobby of Parkroyal on Pickering Street. Photo: Gojalanjalan.

We will then update you that your guests have arrived safely at their hotel or office.

Do give us your honest feedback on your experience with us.

Don’t worry. We will not hold this against you. We promise.

Gojalanjalan Singapore provides private bus charter from point to point for your corporate pickups! Hourly bus bookings are also available. For more information, contact us at 5mins@gojalanjalan.com.sg or +65 8838 6444.

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